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    The latest brand of pivotboards, manufactured in California, USA, by Pivotboard.com Available now as a complete board with White Board Deck and Munos Ballbreaker Trucks for $200.00 Read More
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    The Battle Hammer. Read More
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Faster, Lighter & Stronger!

White Boards by Pivotboard.com, are the newest, cleanest, and most innovative boards available today.

Our boards slide faster and further, due to our awesome new slick!
Our new 7ply bars and 5ply footplates, are the lightest and thinnest available today!
Our board parts are the strongest you will ever ride, due to our awesome new construction!


Pivotboard.com has been around now for 10 years. During the last 8 years, we have been working hard here in Southern California, developing new boards, and new products for pivotboarding. We now are proud to make the best boards available in the world, here in Southern California, and they're the best priced products available in the world, too.

Inspired to innovate, we constantly develop our products to be the best available.

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